Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Shaker Heights, Ohio


Juma Gallery to Close

A Statement from Business Owner David Weiss


It is with a heavy heart that today I announce my intention to permanently close Juma Gallery.


Juma was the dream of my late wife Erica, who launched the gallery and boutique from a small space in Little Italy 17 years ago and nurtured its growth and expansion to its current location in our beloved hometown, Shaker Heights.


Erica was a visionary who brought a unique sense of style and beauty to her work. Juma carried not only her artwork but also served as a space to feature the creations of both budding and established Cleveland artists. After Erica passed away four years ago, the team at Juma and our incredible children continued to honor her legacy. Over the years, the remarkable staff and loyal customers of Juma became our extended family.


Today, so much in the retail world has changed. Dramatic shifts in the industry, including the rise of online shopping and a reliance on social media, have challenged the business model of some small retailers like Juma. And now, a new and unprecedented set of shifts will be required due to the coronavirus pandemic.


So, for both personal and professional reasons, I have decided to close Juma and adjust my focus. In my role as Mayor of Shaker Heights, I plan to re-double my efforts to help steer Shaker through this pandemic. In particular, I will continue to focus on Shaker’s small business community, as I know firsthand the headwinds they face. I also look forward to spending more time with my family and working on other civic causes about which I am passionate.


Our plan is to re-open by early June on a temporary basis to wind down operations and honor outstanding gift cards, while adhering to appropriate coronavirus safety guidelines including social distancing. As our plans unfold, details will be posted on our website, jumagallery.com, and announced through email and social media channels. 


Finally, to Juma’s loyal customers and dedicated staff, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for being a part of Juma’s journey.




We believe in the transformative power of art and design. Through this lens, everyday objects are elevated from simply functional to beautiful and inspirational. This belief is at the heart of all that is Juma Gallery. It is a place to discover the power of art; a place to define your personal design aesthetic, and a place to express it through clothing, jewelry, art and accessories for your home.

Juma reflects the vision of its founder, the late Erica Weiss, an accomplished artist and businesswoman. Her eye for the exquisite, her attention to quality in every detail, and her commitment to nurturing local creatives continue to guide and inform the Juma aesthetic. Her charm and warmth infused it with the life and energy that define it today.