Juma supports and encourages artists, locally as well as nation-wide. Juma carries unique, handmade specialty items, clothes, jewelry, most of which are made by artists and small companies in Ohio or other parts of the US. We also have a great selection of art, home decor and gifts made from metal, wood, leather, ceramic or glass. Stop in to boutique to see all that we offer.

Our Jewelers

Ashka Dymel

Guided by a modern aesthetic, Ashka designs and executes minimalist, clean lined jewelry, influenced by the Bauhaus school in her Brooklyn NY Studio.

Nikki Nation Jewelry

Nikki creates modern, organic forms using traditional methods of metalsmithing in her studio located in Denver Colorado.

Melle Finelli

Boston based jeweler and metalsmith Melissa combines organic form and playful designs in silver as well as 18K gold. Wonderfully whimsical and beautiful!

Brandon Holschuh

Based in Cleveland, Brandon approaches jewelry as sculpture. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted and exudes a warm, supple, organic quality.

Selected Women’s Clothing Vendors

Stella Carakasi

Luxurious and affordable designer wear for women. Stella brings a fresh perspective where European architectural design meets casual elegance.

Comfy USA

Designed for the woman who wants modern, trend appropriate clothing at reasonable prices. Made in the USA.


Avant-garde designed pieces that are made for layering. Perfect for a casual wardrobe that makes a statement. Designed in France and made in Turkey.


Whimsical cotton separates create an effortless offbeat look. Easy, comfortable and affordable.


Based in San Francisco, Porto features unexpected architectural details, luxe fabrics and a refined palette.

Selected Men’s Clothing Vendors

Tallia Orange

Fashion tailored clothing with a less serious attitude. Known for its detail oriented designs that are reasonably priced and exciting to wear.

Damn Dog

Durable men’s bags made from swamp canvas finished with double stitched seams and trimmed with premium leather.

Quality craftsmanship with features that make something basic become badass.

Bed Stu

Inspired by the resilient streets of Brooklyn, New York, Bed Stu creates beautiful leather shoes and boots that are as individual as those who wear them, honoring the cobbler and the craft. Genuine, unique, imperfect.